Bio, the short version


Born in upstate New York, I earned a BA in Sociology at SUNY Oswego. I proceeded to live in Maryland, Vermont, New York (again), Tennessee, and North Carolina. While in Maryland I married my husband whom I?d met in college, and while in New York for the second time I had our first child and received my very first publishing credit. 24 years in Tennessee brought me more credentials, several years coaching writing in the schools, and five more children. In 2007, my husband and our three children still at home moved to North Carolina where we continue our life adventures, chronicled in my blog Blackwater Tales.

Having a family and working part-time - whether for pay or volunteer - puts a dent in writing time, but what writer can?t relate to not having enough time?

Bio, the long


I was born in the Capital District region of New York. The youngest of five girls, I spent my childhood in a centralized school district on a farm that grew - when it grew anything - Christmas trees. To this day I make an effort to buy our Christmas tree from a cut-it-yourself farm, preferably on the day after Thanksgiving.

I went to State University of New York at Oswego in the days Al Roker was a student there; I can actually say I knew him then, although he would probably not remember me. My major was sociology, and I knew I was destined for great things. Where I was actually destined for was time in Maryland and work in Washington, D.C. and marriage to my husband, Dave, whom I had also met while in college.

We moved to Vermont to add some schooling to his resume, then back to New York State for work. We started our family there with the birth of our daughter, then finally headed for Nashville, Tennessee. Dave worked and I stayed home to raise our family (totaling four girls and two boys) and write.

The two main activities of my life eventually fused. Dave and I collaborated on software reviews for some national magazines. As the kids grew older, I became involved in the local schools, doing occasional workshops in writing, creating a school magazine, and running a writing club. At the height of these activities, I coached 3rd through 8th grades and helped produce a schoolwide arts and literary magazine for same. We also established a middle school newspaper.

Probably the coaching time replaced some of my own writing time. Most writing parents know how that can happen. But, working with the kids provided material for me, as well as some unique feedback.

Since moving to North Carolina in 2007 I've had more opportunity to work on my own projects, revising one novel, rewriting another, and writing a new one. I?ve taken on a part-time position that includes producing a monthly newsletter, but I still have time for my own work, and for the occasional project for hire.

Clippings and credits

If you are in need of writing and desktop publishing skills, or even some web site work, please contact me.

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