5) When a writer is assigned a story by an editor,  he or she is usually told how long the story needs to be, who to interview, and even what questions to ask!  Not much room for creativity there!

Interviewing can be fun, though, and sometimes interviewing your characters is how to come to decisions about them.  They tell you what they are like.

Make up a character, an imaginary friend.  Give this friend a name and a car to drive.

Now, your editor has assigned you a feature story about why people choose to drive the cars they do.  You need to interview 5 people, and your first interviewee is your imaginary friend.

  1. Write down 3 questions you would plan to ask ALL your interviewees about why they drive their cars.  (practice on your parents to help figure out good questions, if you like)
  2. Ask your imaginary friend these questions.
  3. Write up the interview as you would for that part of the story -- and you only have the space on the form to do it.  Not any longer.