That’s no way to react…

I was reading a blog post, You Know You’re a Mystery Writer When…   when one list item in particular caught my eye.

It referred to hearing a crime story and immediately starting to wonder if you could use it in a book.

I live in a household where we discuss  everything , and the participants are as widely diverse as a firefighter, a civilian computer trainer in a military world, a Theatre and Writing major, a graduated English major, and me — former sociology major, mother of 6, and mystery writer. Did I mention we’re all readers, weather junkies, and solid if somewhat erratic news junkies? Our conversations are, to say the least, full of variety.

Needless to say, current events are frequent topics of conversation, as are the military, weird physics events, what makes a good plotline, proper grammar, and artificial intelligence. Oh, and cooking. We all like to create new dishes — or at least eat them. We’ve discussed what happens to food when it burns, how best to portray a tension-laden scene on stage, and dead bodies. Now, how these may or may not combine into a plot is up to the individual imagination, but it makes for intriguing Google research and the occasional remark  of “Ooh! I like that! Do you really think that would work?”

Face it, mystery writers, we have all been there. And in polite company, it’s no way to react…but, we did it. What’s the strangest situation you were in when you had that reaction to a news story or piece of information?

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