Just one thing after another — but in a good way

The thing any writer wants is to stay busy. That way those demons that question our self-worth, our writing style, our characters’ motivation and the course of our plotlines, not to mention our choice of clothing, sofa, and hairstyle, will not be able to get past our deadline angst to harrass us.

Remember what they say? Careful what you wish for?

There I was, recognizing the fact that I had to find some other magazines I could write for, to keep my hand in and a little change coming through the mail, when I received a notice from fellow writer and head of our writing group, Robin Deffendall. A local magazine, ARRAY, was looking for more writers; did she know anyone who might be interested? Well, I didn’t bother raising my hand, I just emailed the publisher. Three days later we’d met, talked, and she’d assigned me two stories. Soon to follow were more assignments, a team meeting, and the news that 3 fellow writers from the same group were coming aboard. She also invited my colleague/daughter to help http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/blood-pressure edit. Heck, my first story hasn’t even come out yet, and there’s all this going on.

In addition, I’ve started reviewing again, which means both more reading and more writing. Not sure why it sounds like I’m complaining. I love this stuff!

And then there’s my pesky manuscript. This morning, not just a lightbulb, but an entire set of stage lights went on in my head as I realized there was someone more behind the dastardly deed-doing going on in my book than the people I’d already blamed. Apparently my subconscious muse was layering in one more plotline while I slugged along. This character walked out and I was as surprised as any reader at who it was and how well he suited the role he had to play.  When I’m done,  you’ll read about it here.

I have got to be careful what I ask for!

Do you also sometimes sit and catalogue all the things you’re up to? Or are you so busy, you don’t have time for even that? What are some of you up to?

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Just a quick update….

I’ve been learning more and more about social networks and how to make them useful in your life. For authors, social networks are a great place to meet with friends and readers and share what is a good part of our lives: reading books. It can be as important as joining a writing group (see earlier post). Eventually such interaction leads to book pages and such, but it starts with being yourself and connecting with people who like books and writing as much as you do.

So, I’ve joined Goodreads, and I’ve already met some interesting http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/hair-loss/ people and been http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/diabetes/ introduced to new books.  You’ll find I’ve started reviewing some of these, too.  If you’re a member, look under R.J. Minnick.

You’ll see some familiar words, as these blog entries also post over there. You’ll also get an idea of what I like to read, what I’m reading, and what I think is good. If you’re there, maybe I can get an idea of what you like. Next to writing and writing about writing, I like writing about reading. Please stop by and say hi. I’ll be back and forth a lot.


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