Whipsaw by Steve Brewer

by Steve Brewer
Website: www.stevebrewerbooks.com

Intrigue Press, imprint of Big Earth Publishing, Inc (site: www.intriguepress.com)
Lincoln, NE

ISBN: 1-890768-70-7

Some books are like a roller coaster ride, all ups and downs, screams and laughter. Steve Brewer’s Whipsaw is more of a high- tech runaway train careening around curves, taking out anything that gets too close to its tracks, ending in a final obliterating crash. All the reader can do is hang on.

Brewer has picked up on a current business trend for his premise – the ripeness of the young girl demographic as a market for computer games. His fictional http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/cholesterol-lowering/ software company, DelaTech, is about to exploit that market in spectacular fashion when it finds its software held hostage.

Former security chief Matt Donahue is called in to run the money. He’s not sure why – until he’s beaten up, the money is gone, and suddenly the blame is falling on him. Question is – whose fault is it really?

The action and bewilderment never stop. And even if you think you’ve figured it out, as I had, you don’t get the totality of it until the very last page.

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